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Starting weight

06 / 29: 228.4 lbs

Today’s weigh in

09/28: 213.8 lbs


Since last weigh-in: -2.0 lbs

Total: -14.6 lbs

Left to lose: 13.9 lbs

Days that I respected my calorie budget 


Apps used

Workout: TrainHeroic

Nutrition: Lose It!

Head Coach Simon Latulippe

Coach Jessy-Lee Champoux 

Blog entries

September 28, 2022


It’s been another rough week.
Sleep has been tough. I haven’t been as good on my intake division of carbs vs protein BUT I was really good on my calorie intake.

2 lbs is a great number. It shows that clean eating is just as, if not more, important as working out.

I’m proud of myself because, usually, with this level of stress, I consume a ton of junk food.

I didn’t.

I stayed clean.

Tomorrow, I try to get back to the gym.

I need it. 

For my physical strength. For my mental health.

199.9… I’M COMING!!!!!

September 21, 2022

It’s been a rough 2 weeks.

I’m human. It happens.

A small weight loss over the last 2 weeks.

Almost no gym. Sleep has been tough. Stress has been high.

Trying to get everything under control and getting ready for my comeback as of Monday.

I’m happy I still lost a little.

I’m almost at the halfway point.

The big key… I’m trying to not be too hard on myself. Every journey has its speed bumps.

Time to get back on the right path!!!

September 7, 2022

11 lbs in 10 weeks!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

This is a MONSTER milestone for me.

Let’s not forget:

  • Struggled to adapt to cleaner eating

  • Two weeks vacation

  • Crazy work schedule

  • A shoulder that feels blown out and is impacting my workouts

I’m getting there!!!!

I’m feeling slimmer, lighter, stronger, faster and more!!!

I’m getting my rhythm back.

Now, no more eating after 8pm. Have to kill that late night snacking.

Coaches Anderson, Simon and Jessy-Lee have been incredible in their support.

199.9 feels like a possibility more and more every day. LET’S GET IT!!!!!!

August 31, 2022

I’m almost at 10 pounds lost!!!!

As excited as I am, I’m upset at myself.

Two weeks vacation (yes, I needed the time off and it did me a world of good).

Back from vacation, I’ve struggled to get back into a proper rhythm.

As impressed as I am with the weight loss over 9 weeks, I know I could have done better.

I’m human.

I have to cut myself some slack.

I’d rather have small progress than no progress at all.

My focus this week:

  • Regularity at the gym or physical activities.

  • Sleep.

  • Clean eating.

I got this. Just gotta reset my laser focus.

No project goes off perfectly. This is no exception.

Time to turn this anger or deception into fuel to concentrate and attack my objectives.

I can’t wait for the day I hit 199.9. It’s coming. I promise. Not to you. Not to anyone. Just to myself! 

August 24, 2022

Good intentions.

That’s the name of this blog entry.

On August 3rd, I was all pumped. Losing weight. People noticing.

I was riding a high. I was also getting ready to go on vacation.

I was so confident. Two weeks. Family visit. Cottage. 

I’ll be able to keep working out, I said.

I’ll be able to keep eating clean, I said.

Piece of cake, I said.

Turns out, the only truth was the cake LOL.

Week 1 – Toronto

Non Stop Traditional Italian Food Production

We made so much food, we could have fed 100 people.

Tiramisu, Pizza, Arancini, Pizza, Pasta, Tiramisu and Pizza again.

Yeah, I went to Toronto to get fat! 

All that and only 2 workouts.

Week 2 – Cottage

BBQ, Pancakes, Pizza (again), BBQ, Bacon, Alcohol, Bacon

All that and ZERO workouts.

The positive side… I slept. Like a baby.

The batteries got fully recharged and I was ready to come back and hit the ground running.

Right away.

Back to the gym.

Clean eating.

Kept up the sleep.

Dedication was NOT an issue.


I can’t believe I managed to go on vacation, come back, have a good week and get back on track. My coaches aren’t surprised. We need to live and enjoy life. The big positive in their mind is that I actually rested which was incredibly beneficial to my body that I usually beat the crap out of for well over 70 hours a week.

Now, I’ve got my plan for next month. 

Nutrition and Workouts.

I’ve placed my order with La Fourchette Remplie for my meals.

I’m getting a new order of GCE products soon.

I’m ready.

My goal for the end of September is 209.9.

My goal for the end of October is 199.9.

It’s gonna be tough but I know I can do it!!

August 3, 2022


This week, I’ve had quite a few people, from friends to family to gym regulars, making comments about my recent weight loss!! DAMN IT FEELS GOOD!!!!

I almost made it under 220 but I’m not upset. I’ll get there.

My sleep was off this past week.

The nutrition is getting better.

I’m adapting to the new workout plan.

Things are going really well.

I have a bit of time off over the next 2 weeks so that will be a challenge for the gym and for clean eating. Let’s see. I want to end August around 212-215. I know I can do this.

The comments that I’ve gotten are a huge boost. Great motivation to keep pushing!! LET’S GO!!!!

July 27, 2022

I hit the 5lb mark!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

I’m one month in and I’m losing an average of 1.4 lbs a week.

That is a very healthy average.

This hasn’t been an easy month but the results show me that the Coaches understand me and have me on the right track.



I’m now averaging 5.5 hours of sleep a night.

THIS IS MAJOR FOR ME!! I’m usually at around 4 hours.

I’ve been able to adjust and adapt my schedule. Also, the shortened workouts help.

I used to be in the gym for 2-2.5 hours a day. Now I’m in for 1-1.5 hours.

Guess where that extra hour goes? Yup! SLEEP!!! 

AND that allowed my Coaches to increase the intensity of my workouts for the next month!



I won’t lie. At the beginning, I found my workouts too light.

But the Coaches told me I needed to sleep more to earn more. 

We’ve both held our end of the bargain.

I met with my Coaches yesterday to learn my new workout plan for the next month.

Hot damn I’ve got some challenges!!! I’m really excited.

I’m a strong dude and maxxed out a few of the workout machines. I needed some new stuff.

This morning, I had my new cardio day with some torso work. Yup… body feels like Jello but oh so good Jello!!! Lol

Now that I’ve added GCE Performance for my workout products, I’m hoping that my workouts will only be more effective.

Nutrition plan

This is where I have struggled the most.

The wedding, a few cheat meals, food choices, avoiding junk… it hasn’t been easy.

You can’t just go from 40 years of Italian style eating to clean eating overnight.

It’s a process. I’m being patient. I figured it would take me 60 days to get on point. I’m halfway through. I’ll get there. I’m grateful for my partner La Fourchette Remplie who’s helping me with meal prep. It’s one less headache for me to worry about in my 80-100 hour work weeks!

The big key here is that I AM FULL. I never go to bed starving. My stomach is never rumbling for food. My body is adjusting well.


One month in and I am really pleased with the results.

Body wise, I see the transformation happening. Stomach is a little flatter. The love handles shrunk a little. I have a very small definition in the arms that’s growing. My calves, which have always been my pride and joy, are more cut than ever.

I’m really excited to get under the 220 mark, hopefully by next week.

In the next month, on top of my workouts, I’ll be playing more golf, my Soccer season fires up soon. All fun activities that will push me towards my goal.

This is an important journey for me.

For my own health, to get healthier and stronger for my loved ones, to reward the faith that the Coaches have put in me, to show all of you that anyone can lose weight, regardless of the circumstances.

199.9… I’M COMING FOR YA!!!!!!

July 20, 2022

This week was a hot mess food wise.

Friday night, my son wanted pizza. That’s ok. It’s one night going over my calories.

But Saturday night, I had a wedding. Yes, still justified but hot damn do they give out a lot of food. And I had a few drinks. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES THERE IS IN WHISKEY????? 

On the bright side, I’ve started a collaboration with ‘La Fourchette Remplie’ (if you’re in Quebec and order from them, use promo code NextManUp to save 10%) for the majority of my lunches and suppers. Portion control should be easier moving forward.

Also, I absolutely SMASHED it at the gym this week (tougher workouts, more calories to burn!). I’ve started MAXING OUT some machines in the workouts that I have from the team. 

Oh, oh, OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to mention… I’M ACTUALLY SLEEPING BETTER!!!!!

I averaged 5.5 hours this week. This may not be a lot to you but to a guy who has averaged 4 hours most of his life, this is massive!! I’m working on this to get more rest but also because I want tougher workouts in the gym. My Coaches were clear: No sleep, No monster workouts. 

Overall, I’m feeling lighter and lighter. I don’t feel as swollen. I’m still too body conscious to take pics for the comparison.

I’m excited to see what this week brings!! 199.9… HERE I COME!!!

July 13, 2022

A week of ups and downs.

Still struggling with some food choices.

Not really struggling but not thinking enough.

Saturday, I had my cheat day.

I went to the spa and in the evening, I was tempted by junk food.

It’s ok. It’s more my choice of ice cream and candy on Monday night that I regret.

I haven’t increased my sleep.

Even though I love them, I wanted to rip my trainers’ heads off this week.

I want to do more in the gym but my plan remains the same because if I do more, with the little sleep and recovery I have, it will only slow down my progress.

Honestly, I know they are right. I’m difficult, I know. But, if I’m going to achieve my goals, I have to listen. Damn this hard head of mine.

Besides, I can’t say anything. I lost weight for the 2nd week in a row.

I need to improve my sleep and continue to adapt to the nutrition plan.

I can do it. I’m going to get there. Even if I’m pissed off sometimes. 2.3 lbs lost in 2 weeks while transitioning nutrition and training… still great results! We continue! LET’S GO!!!!

July 6 2022

1.2 lbs on my first week. Not bad for a first week.

That was much simpler than I thought.

Honestly, when I got my plan from my Coaches, I wanted to assassinate them.

1,760 calories per day? I was sure I was going to starve.

One meal at a restaurant and I’d be dead.

OK. I said yes. I must try it.

At worst, I CAN SCRAP EVERYTHING before even announcing the plan on social media.

The result: I have to learn to close my big mouth from time to time.

It wasn’t that bad.

Yes, I had moments of panic.

On Friday (July 1), I ate a BIG breakfast with bacon.

902 calories just at breakfast!!

I panicked. Instead of lunch, I ate fruit.

At dinner, I was still able to eat a good steak with lots of vegetables.

For my first week, I am satisfied.

I have to give myself a chance to make a transition anyway.

The positives:

I feel less bloated. With a better choice of food, even if it is not yet optimal, I feel less bloated. It feels good.

Even though I didn’t get enough sleep, I saw an improvement in my sleep compared to the past few weeks.

Boost of energy. Didn’t crave coffee or Red Bull so much in the afternoon.

More mobility. Less inflated = more mobility? Logic.

More aware of the food I eat. With a food plan it’s a must but I’m thinking and thinking more about what I’m eating and better choices are starting to come more naturally.

By chatting with my Coaches, they are satisfied with my work but I have to improve.

Sleep, protein, confidence, tracking.

What I have to work on this week:


DAMN. My sleep was not optimal. This had a BIG effect on my humor, my hunger and just my life in general. I’m a guy who sleeps about 4 hours a night. I have to increase, quietly. The goal is to reach 6 hours per night.

More protein, less carbs

Even with a nutrition check, I was AMAZED at how many carbs I was consuming even though I’m not a big eater of bread, rice or potatoes. More meat, more vegetables.


I am convinced that I can do it. I gotta trust myself more.

Smarter Choices / Better Tracking

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Personal challenge:

While talking about my appetite, I mentioned that sometimes I was still a little hungry at the end of the day. The Coaches decided to increase my daily calorie budget from 1,760 to 1,920.

I’m hard-headed. I want to see if I can adapt. So, I am giving myself a budget of 1,760 but I will allow myself, if absolutely necessary, to go to 1,900 a maximum of three times. 

Let’s see what happens!

June 29th 2022

What is Project 199.9?

Project 199.9 is the documentation of my physical transformation.

Following the launch of the Next Man Up Fraternity, I spoke with Next Man Up’s Fitness Coaches Simon Latulippe, Jessy-Lee Champoux and Anderson Pollack.

Physical Health is strongly linked to Mental Health.

I have always been active at heart but not the best on the field. I have always played sports and am a regular at the gym. Despite my love of sports and training, I have always been overweight. In 2019, my doctor told me that I had Diabetes (type 2). Physical Health became even more important.

I worked hard. I got to one of my best levels physically. Then Covid arrived. Gyms closed. Gyms open. Gyms closed again. I tried to workout at home. No. I tried to pay more attention to my nutrition. No. Nothing worked.

When the gyms reopened, I weighed around 255 lbs.

I was able to lose 25 lbs on my own in the gym but as usual, I hit a plateau.

You need to know

When I was 18, I lost my father. He was 46 years old.

Cause: Diabetes and Depression.

When I’ll 46, my son is going to be 18.

I have Diabetes and have battled Depression a few times in my life.

So, please understand that I am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND at the idea of turning 46.

I have to take care of myself.

For me. For my son. For those I love.

Project 199.9 is not just a way to demonstrate the talents of our Fitness Coaches. It’s a matter of survival for me.

My goals for Project 199.9 are specific:

Improve my physical health

Demonstrate the talents of our Fitness Coaches

Inspire brothers to take charge of themselves and improve their health

Demonstrate that even regular guys, guys like me, who hate plans, who hate routines, who hate instructions, can follow a plan and be successful

I have to be clear, I thought I was going to PISS OFF Simon, Jessy-Lee and Anderson.

I do not sleep a lot

I eat in restaurants

I need my Red Bulls

I’m a living ball of stress

I love to eat.

I love to cook.

In the kitchen, I never learned to cook with exact measurements

At the table, I never learned the term ‘portions’ but I know the word VERY WELL: MORE!!!

I have to give credit to Simon, Jessy-Lee and Anderson.

They listened to me.

They accepted the challenge.

They created a workout and nutrition plan that I was willing to try.

Yes, at first sight, I wanted to assassinate them.

1,760 calories per day? That’s all? Even with workouts?

I wanted to SCRAP EVERYTHING before I even started.

They spoke to me. They asked me to trust them.

They are very convincing. I said okay.

Will it work?

I wish it with all my heart.

One thing is certain. I will give it my 200%.

To be continued…

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